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Human consumerism relies heavily on customer reviews, friendly/trusted referrals, user feedback and whatnot. These ones help them make informed decisions as far as choice of suppliers, service providers or different vendors is concerned.

Even e-commerce companies which sell their services online now have a way of ensuring that whoever they’re buying from is not only certified and vetted by the company, but has been used and reviewed by fellow buyers.

Essay writing companies lag behind as far as enlightening their consumers is concerned. Nearly all of them don’t offer a review system or customer feedback point they can rely on when they’re buying services. is all about changing the stakes in favor of potential customers of essay writing companies.

Students as consumers

Students spend a good chunk of their pocket money shopping on essay writing company websites. Whenever they’re overwhelmed with assignments, these companies come to their rescue. Like other consumers, students need some form of consumer report to enable them make informed decisions with regards to the choice of vendors. If these students were given enough information, complaints would be fewer, and the companies that offered leap service would be “out of business.”

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Why we review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies have been helping students deal with their essay writing needs for such a long time. A student has an assignment, they run to Google, find one, pay and collect. Such a perfect arrangement, right? Only that, in reality, companies ensuring that students are happy with the services they get from them are few. It forces these students to spend money with companies that not only send poorly written essays to them, but also plagiarize their assignments. We review essay writing companies so that our users have a better chance of figuring out each service provider they trust with their assignments. makes it easy for students to do all these in one place.

How it works

We constantly engage with consumers in the industry on various platforms. When they come to our website, they’re able to give their true feedback about companies they have used in the past. then takes that feedback to convert it into a format users will find easy to understand and make decisions off.

In addition, we also send out some of our best experts to discover what the strengths of each essay writing company are. They create a summary for this to enlighten consumers further about the stated service providers.